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Hello, my name is Alby.

Like many people today, I have struggled with my weight most of my life.  Before the end of elementary school, I started getting chubby and it never stopped.   My parents would prepare “healthy” meals according to the standard FDA guidelines that started back in the 1970s (low fat).  We didn’t eat out much, for financial reasons.  Every day of school, I had the standard school lunch and every evening I had a home-cooked meal.  Depending on how I felt in the mornings, I would usually have the standard school breakfast that morning as well.  At that time in my life, I didn’t really snack much and I wasn’t a fan of chocolate (according to my mother)  or many other sweets.  But, I still gained weight.

When I was young, thin, and apparently suave with the ladies.

When I was young, thin, and apparently suave with the ladies.

Puberty and video games didn’t help much along the way.  By the time I got to middle school, I started becoming more and more addicted to playing video games.  And, my after-school snacks turned into a constant stream of mountain dew and junk food like hot pockets and snack cakes.   By the end of middle school, I was already wearing size 36 pants.

The effects of puberty and sugar-filled foods.  But, I still can't explain that hair.

The effects of puberty and sugar-filled foods. But, I still can’t explain the hair.

I was more active in high school and eating less junk food, but the weight continued to climb.  I was wearing size 40 pants by the time I graduated high school.

In college, I gained some more weight the first two years but was able to lose quite a bit of weight during my last year of undergrad because of a weight management course I took that talked about proper nutrition and exercise. Then, I went to grad school and got busy and gained more weight.

After I finally graduated in 2009, I took a corporate IT job as a Technical Consultant.  It was a soul-crushing job with ridiculous hours.  I love to cook, but working 60+ hour work weeks on a regular basis, including weekends, destroyed my ability and passion to cook for myself.  When I managed to have time for myself, I just fell into super-lazy mode.  Lunch was usually from Wendy’s or Pals Sudden Service everyday.  Dinner was usually Papa Johns, KFC, or back to Wendy’s.  By the time I left that job in 2011, I was wearing size 44 pants and my body and mind were very unhappy/unhealthy.  I was racing toward 300 lbs.

Alby's Weight Loss Progress

Alby’s Weight Loss Progress

On September 6th of 2011, I was 305 lbs and miserable. And, I snapped that day.  A recent death of a former instructor from a heart condition and my general hatred for my current physical condition inspired a level of motivation inside that I had not felt up to that point or since.  I spent my spare time researching online trying to find out how the body’s metabolism worked and what was the most effective and healthy way to live.   I tried several things, initially just cutting out soda completely, counting calories, and exercising — which worked, for a while.  And, eventually I found the various communities online dedicated to low-carb lifestyles.

Transition from October 21 2011 to December 26 2012

Transition from October 21 2011 to December 26 2012

From Sept 6th of 2011 to Summer of 2013, my weight tumbled from 305 lbs to 216.  At my lowest, I was losing weight by walking/jogging 3 days a week and following a low-carb Ketogenic lifestyle.

Many people have asked me about my weight loss and lifestyle.  So, I am using this site to share our recipes and our experiences to maybe help others that find themselves in the same situation.

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