Caramel Iced Coffee

Caramel Iced Coffee

Caramel Iced Coffee



Just like Dunkin’ Doughnuts!


This coffee drink is amazingly sweet and delicious! I have heard that many low carb dieters will drink something known as bullet proof coffee, however adding butter and oil to coffee kinda freaks me out! So here is my variation of a delicious coffee.  I know it seems silly to post a recipe for a coffee drink but I just couldn’t help myself. I am a coffee addict and I am always looking for new ways to make famous copycat drinks. This caramel iced coffee is sure to impress any coffee lover and is under a carb per 12 oz. glass. This drink is a great way to start any morning.

Of course, everyone like their coffee a little different so feel free to change the recipe to fit your taste.



To keep coffee from separating I add things in the order represented by the above photo. Sometimes the heavy cream likes to separate from the coffee, which is not a bad thing it just makes it look funny! Anyways I mix my vanilla and caramel flavoring together and then add the cream and milk. mix those 4 ingredients well and add the liquid splenda. Again, mix these ingredients well. Add ice and coffee top with whipped cream and there you have it! super simple and it taste great to!




Caramel Iced Coffee   12 oz. glass


1 tsp. Vanilla extract

1 tsp. Sugar free caramel flavoring

1 tbs. heavy cream

1 tbs. Unsweetened coconut milk

liquid splenda




In the glass mix the vanilla and caramel flavoring well. Add the heavy cream, milk, and splenda. Mixx well and add ice to cup. (I used about 6 cubes) to the top with already cool coffee. mix well, top with whipped cream and enjoy!


Total Carbs:  .95

Total Fiber:   0

Net Carbs:   .95

Servings:   1

Net per serving: .95

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